Vauxhall Astra Ignition Won’t Turn

During the warmer months of the year, we often get calls about Astra and Zafira ignition key
not turning. This is usually due to the expansion of the plug in the lock cylinder and lock debris mixed
expanding and causing the cylinder to become tight and the key unable to turn the ignition.
One solution that may work is to flood the lock with WD40. Use the little red tube that comes with WD40 to
squirt inside the lock. Use as much as you like and then, be patient and wait for the WD40 to do it’s work.
After waiting 20 minutes for the WD, then insert the key and gently twiddle the key in each direction.
This may allow the ignition to turn and start the vehicle.
We are able to instal or repair ignition locks on all Vauxhall vehicles at very competitive rates.
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