Vauxhall Astra Remote Wrexham.

Lost Vauxhall Astra Key. What to do?

Happy to help a customer with a replacement Vauxhall Astra remote in Wrexham North Wales today.
The customer discovered her keys missing and could not find them anywhere.
We came along and unlocked the car, decoded the cars original locks,
cut a key and programmed the transponder on the customers drive.
The customer had thought she would need new locks and keys because she asked the
Vauxhall dealer if they could fix it. We were able to save the customer from having to get the car towed to Vauxhall
and the much higher cost as we did the entire replacement car key for a fraction of the cost.
Result: A very happy customer

We cover the North Wales area with a full Vauxhall Keys auto locksmith service